Meal Prep: Black Bean & Kale Burritos

If you’re anything like myself, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is especially true for me in terms of my meals for the week… If I am not ready for the week by 10pm Sunday evening, I’ll be going to the drive thru or getting take out for my lunches at my 9-5. Does that sound familiar? Getting take out leaves me thinking “I just spent extra money on food that I don’t have when I have a fridge full of food at home, this isn’t even remotely close to being as healthy as I’d like, and man… I could make this!!!”

Some of us love to get in the kitchen and cook, but there are some out there that absolutely despise it. Meal planning can be a task for those who don’t enjoy cooking… I’m here to give you a few pointers to make it a bit more enjoyable and manageable!

Something that I like to do is keep a list of all of the meals that I’d like to make or try within the coming weeks… This keeps ideas fresh so that I’m never left thinking that I have nothing to eat. That way I can meal prep on a Sunday afternoon and pull an idea from this list! I get most of these ideas from Pinterest, other blogs, and Google! Here’s a quick peek at my personal Pinterest board (

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 2.29.02 PM.png


Checking out what’s on sale at your local grocery store or market is something that can help cut costs. Is there produce on sale that you could buy in bulk and freeze (cough cough… spinach for smoothies!)? I buy my beans and grains in bulk from Bulk Barn to save money each month – one month’s worth of beans (my main source of protein) runs me no more than $10.

Making a weekly calendar and outlining each meal for each day can be extremely beneficial to save time and keep yourself organized. For example, on Wednesday morning there will no guesswork as to what you’ll be eating for the day… Check your calendar, open up the fridge/freezer, and grab the containers that you need for the day!


Setting aside one day (or afternoon!) a week will save you time throughout the week… I promise! You’ll get to come home from work, pull out a meal, heat it up, and eat within 5-10 minutes! Sundays are my day to do this, but adjust according to your schedule, of course. Sunday mornings are spent going through my list of recipes that I’d like to try out. From there, I make a grocery list of ingredients that I’ll need. I like to treat myself and pick up a latte and then head to the grocery store! Then I spend the entire afternoon in the kitchen preparing 2-3 different meals for the week (and usually enjoy a glass or two of wine!) – I also take this time to make a nice Sunday dinner as well. Once I’m all finished up, I have every single meal that I’m going to be eating that week planned out… and man it feels good.

I hope these tips help you out with meal planning. If you ever want more info, please feel free to email me at or reach out to me on my FB page at – I love to meal plan and love to share ideas!

Now, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy this new recipe!

Black Bean Burritos w Kale + Brown Rice

What you’ll need:
1 package large whole wheat tortilla wraps (6 wraps)
20 oz black beans (canned or hydrated)
     1.5 tablespoon oil
     2-3 large cloves of garlic, minced or finely grated
     ½ teaspoon ground cumin
     ½ teaspoon ground coriander
     ½ teaspoon ground cayenne
     ½ teaspoon salt
     1 tablespoon lime juice
     ½ cup water or vegetable stock (I use veggie stock)
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 avocados, pitted and cubed
2 stems kale, stemmed and chopped
Breakfast Burrito Prep.jpg
To make Black Beans:
  1. If using dried beans, soak beans overnight and boil for 60-90 mins or until soft before using. If using canned, rinse beans.
  2. In a medium-sized pan, sauté garlic and spices in olive oil on medium-high heat until garlic starts to brown and spices start to smell delish! Add stock as you go to avoid sticking.
  3. Combine beans, garlic and spice mix, and lime juice in a food processor or blender until smooth (don’t worry if you still have some chunks, mine did and it was yummy!)

Assemble beans, rice, avocado, kale, and cilantro inside burrito. If you’re eating these right away, put the salsa inside. If you’re wrapping these up to freeze, set your salsa aside in small portion sized tupperware containers for easy grab-and-go.

If freezing – wrap each burrito in parchment paper and put in freezer. Pop in the oven or the microwave to heat it up – oven is recommended, but






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